HACEEF Rice Cooker 3-Cups Uncooked | 1.5L Small Rice Cooker

Capacity 1.5 Liters
Product Dimensions 9.6″D x 9.6″W x 9.2″H
Power Source Corded Electric
Color Light Green

Introducing our compact 1.5L small rice cooker, designed to streamline food preparation with effortless efficiency. This innovative kitchen effortlessly delivers perfectly cooked rice, all while taking up minimal counter space. This precision-crafted rice cooker boasts a user-friendly interface that makes operation a breeze even for cooking beginners.

With a generous 1.5 liter capacity, this rice cooker will provide you with plenty of fluffy. Aromatic rice to complement any dish. The non-stick inner pot ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. So, you can focus on enjoying your culinary creations and not having to worry about scrubbing pots and pans.

Equipped with advanced heating technology. The small rice cooker ensures fast and even cooking, giving you consistently great results every time. The sleek, modern design will effortlessly complement any kitchen aesthetic and add a touch of elegance to your cooking space.

Whether you’re a busy professional, student or anyone who appreciates hassle-free cooking. Our 1.5L Small Rice Cooker is the right solution for you. Elevate your cooking game and enjoy the comfort of perfectly cooked rice with this essential addition to your kitchen kit.

About this item

  • Multi-Purpose Rice Cooker: With the CHACEEF rice cooker. You can cook not only white rice, but also porridge, oatmeal, cakes, soups, stewed vegetables, etc. This rice cooker can meet your basic daily needs and create unlimited possibilities.
  • 3 Cup Uncooked Capacity: 1.5L small rice cooker cooks up to 3 cups of raw white rice.  Using a standard 160ml measuring cup, ideal for 2~3 people. The portable size (8″ x 7″ x 7″) does not take up much space. So it is suitable for storage in a small kitchen. In a dorm room or for traveling in an RV, and it is also a must-have in a dorm room.
  • Make It Easy: This mini rice cooker with a simple one-touch control panel (COOKING AND HEATING) makes cooking much easier. Just press the Cook button and wait for delicious rice. When finished, it automatically switches to the Warm function, which keeps the rice warm until you enjoy it.
  • Healthy and Safe: Food grade non-stick inner pot with excellent durability. Materials that come into direct contact with food do not contain BPA, PFAS and PFOA, which are safer to use. With a removable non-stick inner pot and a removable inner lid, cleanup is a breeze.
  • Package Contents: The 300W small rice cooker includes a rice scoop, a 160ml measuring cup and a removable non-stick pot.


Key Features:

Compact rice cooker: The small 1.5L 3-cup uncooked rice cooker is a space-saving kitchen appliance designed to cook up to 3 cups of uncooked rice.
Efficient cooking: With a capacity of 1.5 l, this rice cooker can prepare the perfect amount of rice for small families or individuals.
Easy to operate: Equipped with user-friendly controls, it offers simple one-touch operation to cook fluffy rice without any hassle.
Versatile options: The rice cooker is not limited to rice; it can also be used to steam vegetables, cook grains and even make porridge.
Even cooking: Utilizing advanced technology, it ensures even heat distribution for evenly cooked rice every time.

Keep warm function: After cooking, the rice cooker automatically switches to keep warm mode and maintains the temperature of the rice until it is ready to serve.
Non-stick inner pot: Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the non-stick layer on the inner pot, which prevents rice from sticking and makes cleaning easier.
Compact design: Its small dimensions make it ideal for small kitchens, dormitories or any space-constrained environment.
Transparent lid: The transparent glass lid allows you to monitor the cooking process without lifting the lid, which helps retain steam and heat for optimal results.
Accessories included: A rice cooker usually comes with accessories such as a measuring cup and a rice scoop, making it a complete rice preparation package.


In conclusion, the small 1.5L rice cooker offers a convenient and efficient solution for individuals and small households who want to easily prepare perfectly cooked rice. Its compact size makes it ideal for those with limited kitchen space, while its capacity is suitable for smaller portions. With user-friendly controls and automatic features, this rice cooker takes the guesswork out of cooking rice and ensures consistent results every time. Whether you are a busy professional or a student living alone, the 1.5L Small Rice Cooker will prove to be a valuable kitchen appliance that simplifies the cooking process and delivers delicious rice without the hassle.